AI and Quantum for Humanity

Quantum AI for the good of humanity

We apply artificial intelligence, Statistics and quantum computing to strategic industries, to pursue and protect the good of humanity.

 We are among the proud pioneers in the land of Quantum AI, where our two souls of Physicists and data scientists get brilliantly mixed. 


Life, welfare and safety in a healthy environment

Quantum AI for health and life sciences

Health & life sciences

The intrinsic complexity of biological systems is a known issue in modern research for healthcare, biotech and Pharma. Such a complexity requires a relevant computational power and a disruptive new approach to detect and model high degree interactions and relations. Click to read more.

Quantum AI for defence and cybersecurity

Defence & security

The world is already talking about quantum warfare, which largely includes quantum computing and AI. Simulations and tactics optimisation will run faster and at a much deeper level of details. Current cybersecurity will be wiped out by QC, making it a must have for defence and security. Click to read more.

Quantum AI for energy and renewables

Energy & renewables

Energy optimisation is and will be one of the main challenges for humanity. Quantum computing is expected to provide a game changing contribution, thanks to its optimisations capabilities as well as to the successful applications to material sciences and to the energy market. Click to read more.

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Strategic skills with an efficient approach

The approach we use with our customers is based on the idea that the simpler the solution is, the better it will be from a business point of view. So, we start from the solid roots of Statistics, then move up to ML or DL if required, up to quantum AI when it makes sense to invest in that direction.

The company is mainly targeted at the design and development of products and solutions. Consulting and training are services we provide as well. We strongly believe in partnership and collaboration. That is why we are pleased to be a member of UK Quantum.

Apply Quantum AI - approach and skills

The time to invest on quantum is now

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Why Quantum?

Current artificial intelligence is amazing.

Yet it cannot be considered intelligent.

Even if deep learning did bring a huge step forward in AI and will keep providing new great results, current AI is not intelligent as it is not aware of what is being done.

There is no consciousness in current AI.

We think that something fundamental is missing. We are looking for the missing ingredient combining deep learning and neurosciences to neuromorphic and quantum computing.

Quantum AI - Apply Quantum ltd

Consciousness is a key ingredient for intelligence.


The biological brain is the only provider of intelligence we know in the universe. Modern scientific theories suggest that quantum processes are part of cognitive and conscious brain functions. So, can quantum computing represent the way towards a new generation of intelligent AI?

“Intelligence cannot be present without understanding. No computer has any awareness of what it does.”

Roger Penrose

“I am fascinated by the human experience. I obsess over theories of consciousness. What is consciuosness?”

Richard Feynman

“Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum mechanics cannot possibly have understood it.”

Niels Bohr

“We can’t solve today’s problems with the mentality that created them. What you can’t imagine, you can’t discover.”

Albert Einstein

Discovering quantum computing is a journey in Wonderland

Quantum Computing is not a simple topic, because it is based on Quantum Physics, the most disruptive and counterintuitive chapter of known Physics.

This makes QC even more strategic because the onboarding is complex and requires quite a relevant background.

It is commonly believed that QC is still in an early stage. In fact, the technology is moving very fast and accelerating. When it will be live, it will be too late to jump on the train in a proper time.

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