Apply Quantum services

The quantum partner you need for a future-proof innovation 

Quantum tutoring

Need to understand what quantum computing is? Curious about Quantum AI? Confused between myths and reality?

We can help you!

Let us be your quantum ambassadors and your quantum tutors. We can help you understand easily and with business imperatives in mind, what quantum computing and AI are and what they can do for you and your company.

Quantum Set Up

Want to start with quantum computing and quantum machine learning in your company?

We help you to practically set up everything you need, keeping you safe from false promises, unreal targets and useless costs.

Also, we help you to find the right people to hire and if needed, we train and manage your team. We can manage every detail, from quantum technology to AI skills and methods.

Hybrid AI models

You need a working AI model right now, but you want to be ready for quantum AI and in the first line for every new innovative result.

We are the ones for you!

We can design and deploy the most advanced classical deep learning models adding quantum hidden layers, thus creating hybrid classical-quantum models, that will grow in performance as quantum computers grow.

Quantum AI research

Want to invest in quantum artificial intelligence?

Let’s do it together!

Quantum AI is our n. 1 interest, so we are among the pioneers that are studying how to create something completely new and disruptive.

Our target application domains are those that can influence the security and welfare of humanity and are domains in which we have a direct experience as data scientists.

Invest on quantum with Apply Quantum AI

Unsure about our services?

Quantum is confusing, it’s a known issue! But we can help you focusing exactly on your use cases or simply on your direct questions and business.

Let’s have a talk, we are confident that your time will be properly invested.

Too early for Quantum…?

No, it’s not too early. Both technology and applications are running fast. It’s time to start investing on quantum, as onboarding requires time and a proper effort.

When it will be in use, the gap between who is already onboard and the others will be quite an abyss to fulfil.