Apply Quantum

Who we are

Apply Quantum was founded by two Physicists with senior experience in data science and AI engineering. The result is a company where Quantum Physics and artificial intelligence meet business mindset and successful applications.

Our origins

Apply Quantum is an affiliate of the Italian data science company Apply Science, which has been the first Italian private company joining the IBM Quantum Network. As the love for Quantum AI grew, a dedicated project became mandatory.

Apply Quantum - MISSION

Our Mission

Use quantum computing to promote, create and apply a new generation of artificial intelligence, to support critical business needs that impact the safety and welfare of humanity.

Apply Quantum - VISION

Our Vision

Move towards an intelligent AI, that may complement and extend the capabilities of biological intelligence, to protect and improve the future of the human society.

Apply Quantum -VALUE

Our Value

Our experiences result in rare and valued profiles: both physicists and data scientists, with business mindset, senior domain expertise and skills in AI engineering.

Suggested papers

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Experimental indications of non-classical brain functions
Quantum consciousness

Scientific inspiration


Current science is unable to understand the inner essence of biological intelligence.

Consciousness is itself absolutely beyond our scientific comprehension of nature.It looks like we definitely need to radically change our point of view.

Some theories suggest that the biological brain actually is something like a quantum computer and that consciousness originates from some quantum processes in the brain.

Not pretending that it is the final truth, we are fascinated by this set of theories and found inspiration is a theory by Sir Roger Penrose (Nobel Prize in Physics) and Stuart Hameroff